Probably like most of you…I loved TRON: Legacy. I was super excited for it to come out, almost “JJ-Abrams-has-a new-movie-out!!” excited. If you’ve been following this blog for a while…you’ll remember how many TRON posts we had before the movie came out. We were geeking out just a little bit on here, since me and Ricky used to play the computer game when we were younger and couldn’t get enough of it. Before we went to see the movie – we watched the very first Tron (I recommend it to those who haven’t) which was hard to get through in the beginning because of the old-school graphics, making it cheesy for now-a-day standards, but in the end it was a fun flick.

Just one out of several things that I loved in the new one was the graphics. I mean…well…the whole movie was one big computer graphic shot, but I’m talking about the little things that you don’t think are graphics, because you’re sucked into the movie being real. That’s what makes a big budget movie for me – the attention to detail that you (the viewer) may not even notice, but afterwards you’re like “Oh yea…that was a fictional movie. Totally forgot.” Love when films can pull it off right.

To pull off Tron right – director, Joe Kosinski, hired GMUNK, which is short for Bradley G Munkowitz, to complete a lot of the Tron Legacy graphics. “He spent the entirety of 2010 playing in the darkness at Digital Domain leading a black-ops team of GFX All-Stars to concept, design and execute over 12 minutes of holographic content for the feature film TRON Legacy.”

This post is going to be a long one with pictures…but I really could not share this…its too awesome. Also unfortunately I just got word that I can’t get access to the videos he has posted on his site…so if you want to see a little more behind the scenes – I added links to his page to view the videos.


“Architecture 101: Director Joseph Kosinski, with his Architecture degree from Columbia University, entrusted the GFX team ( and mostly Lewandowski ) to design all the graphic buildings from the ground up, having them reference the skyline of Vancouver but mostly innovating and designing from scratch… A terrifying proposition that miraculously came under very few revision cycles…”

I always wonder what programs motion-graphic superstars use to complete their project…and that’s why I love screen grabs like this. Oh, hello Cinema 4D.

If you want to see the process video (which I love) click HERE.

Also to see more pictures of the work behind TRON – click MORE…


“Design Process: The team researched disc defragmentation diagrams and sought to greatly modernize the aesthetic, for the data required to create of the TRON universe was immense to say the least, requiring the defrag diagram to look like an other-worldly representation of data re-structuring…

So munkowitz and Jake Sargeant established a visual foundation, first designing a holographic representation of Flynn’s identiftying boot-up hologram, which is then unlocked and dissipates bit by bit to initiate the data restructuring, which grows in complexity as each ensuing sector is filled with digital content…”

“Cinema 4D Mograph Insanity: Master Lewandowski, the team’s lead animator and best-looking member, then took the styleframed design foundation and elevated it to the next level and beyond, flexing his immensely insane C4D muscle to render a series of ridiculously detailed defragmentation simulations, pushing the limits of his C4D skillset while exceeding everyone’s expectations for how visually stunning the sequence would become…”




“Hex Sphere Design Development: The outermost layer of her data composition was the ‘Hexsphere’ which was the containing shell to all the deeper levels of data within… The Hexsphere sought to align with the hexagon metaphor used throughout the film, so this initial layer had the most commonality with its surrounding world…”

“Contour Heart Design Development: Once through the outer layers of the hexSphere, Flynn breaks through to the IsoSurface coined the ‘Contour Heart’… The heart was a Josh Nimoy Open-Frameworks creation and visually quite delicious…”

I love how all of these images can be wallpaper for my desktop. They’re all so beautiful to look at.






To check out more work – check out GMUNK’s site.

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Written by Steven