Dogfish Head is known for infusing their beer with interesting ingredients and making a name for themselves doing it. I first got introduced to them, probably the same way a lot of people did through their TV show on Discover called Brewmasters. This was the show that got me into home-brewing.

Now you can play Dogfish Head at home with the new Randall Jr., the personal beer infuser.

It’s simple to do. Put the ingredients you want to add to your certain brew in the Randall Jr. – Pour your beer over that – Chill it – then pour into a cup using the mesh strainer on top. It’s that easy.

This seems like a great thing for people to mess around with home brewing, and it’s cheap. Enough said. Also – it sounds pretty cool if you can say, “Oh yea, I infused this Stout with coffee beans.” 2L2Q.

Check out Dogfish Head’s infomercial for their new product…

Price: $19.99

via Gear Patrol


Written by Steven